Reading Explorers

Research has shown a direct correlation between delinquent behavior and the level of literacy. The more literate a person, the more likely they are to succeed in life. With this in mind, Reading Explorers was created with the mission of enhancing students’ reading abilities by creating guided reading opportunities. The Reading Explorers program is one of the premier volunteer opportunities that we believe is making a difference in the lives of students at Edwards Elementary in Oklahoma City.

The program, which partners SandRidge volunteers with 1st through 3rd grade students at Edwards for one-hour weekly reading sessions, is focused on improving their reading abilities through one-on-one mentoring. SandRidge “Reading Coaches” read with students who are reading at grade level or higher, so those students who are behind can receive more direct attention from their teachers. Since the program began there has been a noticeable improvement in the reading comprehension of those participating.

“Reading Coaches” volunteer throughout the entire school year (September through May) to tutor the student in reading – but the bond that is built often goes far beyond reading. Our employees make a real connection with the students, which enables real positive change to take place, in the lives of the student as well as the mentor.