Environmental Health and Safety Policy

Committed To Operating in a Healthy, Safe and Environmentally Responsible Manner

SandRidge Energy is committed to operating in a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible manner. Through the active participation of our officers and employees, we will extend all effort and resources to:

  • PROTECT the health and safety of our employees, contractors, communities and environment. This commitment includes meeting or exceeding all applicable laws, regulations and best industry practices;
  • PREVENT accidents, injuries, illnesses and at-risk behaviors and practices that could lead to incident or near-hit exposure;
  • RESPOND to emergency situations promptly and effectively.

Through all of our actions it must be evident that we are fully committed to protecting our greatest resource – the people of SandRidge Energy as well as our valued contractors and the general public. At SandRidge, it’s not just Safety First, it’s Safety ALWAYS!

Contractor Management

SandRidge has implemented a comprehensive Contractor Management Program (CMP) for contractors and suppliers that perform work on and/or deliver goods to SandRidge operations areas.

  • Vendor Request Form and SandRidge Management Approval
  • Written Agreement (MSA, Special Services Agreement, etc.)
  • Insurance Compliance
  • EHS Compliance

One primary goal of the SandRidge CMP is to hold contractors accountable to the same EHS and Regulatory standards required of employees. As a part of this goal, SandRidge has contracted with ISN. ISN is a global resource that collects a contractor’s health and safety information, verifies its accuracy, and then reports the results in an easy-to-follow format through their online contractor management database, ISNetworld. Using ISNetworld allows SandRidge access to select those resources that best meet internal and governmental requirements. The SandRidge Purchasing and EHS&R departments work closely with ISN to ensure overall vendor compliance with our safety requirements as well as state and federal requirements.

ISNetworld account membership is required for SandRidge contractors/vendors performing work/services on our operations areas. In addition, your account must be fully executed and meet SandRidge contractor compliance standards. To apply to become a vendor, contact your SandRidge Operations Representative and ask for a Vendor Request Form. Forms submitted directly by a contractor will be rejected.

For questions, please email SandRidge Contractor Management at ehscmp@sandridgeenergy.com. ISN can be contacted by calling 214-303-4900 or 1-800-976-1303 (Toll Free), by e-mail CustomerService@isnetworld.com or visit their website at www.isnetworld.com.

“Safety is our priority and it will not be compromised. All work will be performed safely and in a manner that maintains the health of employees, contractors and the public.”
SandRidge Energy, Inc.’s EHS Policy

Contractor Compliance Standards

SandRidge Energy currently uses ISNetworld as our primary contractor information system. Contractors are required to maintain an active ISNetworld account subscription and meet compliance standards of a C grade or higher, a TRIR ≤150% the industry average and 100% in safety programs.

Your company’s ISNetworld account subscription will provide SandRidge Energy access to the following information:

  • Company Profile – Populate your company’s Dashboard in ISNetworld to include company contact information, office locations, types of work/industry classifications, geography served, etc. This will provide SandRidge Energy and other Owner Clients with your company’s most current contact information at any time. Your company’s work types listed in ISN must match your scope of work for SandRidge Energy.
  • EHS Questionnaire – ISN contains the Management System Questionnaire (MSQ) which will be utilized to gather your company’s EHS data and quarterly statistics.
  • OSHA Forms – ISN RAVS (Review and Verification Services) will review and verify your company’s OSHA forms and statistics.
  • EHS Programs – ISN RAVS will review your company’s written health and safety programs for compliance with regulatory and/or SandRidge Energy standards.
  • EMR (Experience Modification Rate) – ISN RAVS will review and verify your company’s EMR statistics.

There is a fee to subscribe to ISNetworld. SandRidge Energy believes the benefits to both parties will far exceed any associated costs.

ISN Contact Information
For more information about ISN, please contact the ISN Customer Service Team using the information provided below.

ISN Customer Service Team
Phone: 800-976-1303 (Toll Free)

Commitment & Principles

  • Are good communicators who are approachable, receptive to other’s ideas and concerns, and effectively coach and train;
  • Engage team involvement to improve processes in order to find the best way to safely be more efficient and productive;
  • Understand, advocate and apply SandRidge policies and standards, frequently recognize and reward success and consistently correct non-compliance;
  • Care for the welfare of each employee and every contractor and promote their success.
  • Are passionately committed to the SandRidge Safety Standard and visibly demonstrate this commitment to each employee and every contractor through their personal involvement.

Essential Attitudes & Behaviors

Looking across the SandRidge organization, one thing is evident … our people are the key to our success. We work hard to create an atmosphere where everyone works together to accomplish something greater than we can accomplish individually.  To do this, we employ, promote and reward employees and contractors who:

  • Believe the SandRidge Safety Standard that safety is not some thing we do; it’s how we do every thing;
  • Recognize that the only way everyone can be safe is for EVERYone to work safe;
  • Take time to plan their work, identify potential hazards and proceed only when it is safe to do so;
  • Freely and frequently communicate safety with everyone on the job site
  • Treat co-workers like family;
  • Respect all people in all situations and demonstrate this respect with their words and behaviors;
  • Support a healthy, collaborative environment through coaching one another to improve performance.