In addition to the new Owner Relations Online System, SandRidge is now offering the option of Direct Deposit of your checks. To enroll in Direct Deposit simply complete the Direct Deposit Form and return a signed copy to SandRidge Energy.

Check amounts depend on well production and pricing, which cannot be accurately predicted. If you receive your check and have a question regarding it, please contact or 405-429-5994.

The most common reason is that your account has not reached the $100 minimum balance required to issue a check. All outstanding balances greater than $10 will be paid annually by December. You may also have an outdated address on file. To update your address, execute the Address Change Form and return to the Division Order Department.

All checks are mailed by the 20th calendar day of the month. If the 20th falls on a weekend or a holiday, your check will be mailed on the next business day.

Please contact the Treasury Department to void a lost or stolen check. If you have a stale dated check (older than 180 days), please mail it to the Treasury Department. In both cases, the voided amount will be added to your next check. Contact the Treasury Department at 405-429-6439 for more information.

Yes, we can send your detail in PDF format via email on the same day your check is mailed. By electing this option, you will no longer receive a paper copy with your check. For access to this detail, email with the owner/payee number and email address where it can be delivered.

All 1099s are mailed by January 31 of the calendar year following the year of distribution. Contact the 1099 Hotline at 405-429-6188 for more information.

We are required by the IRS to provide a correct tax ID number for your account. If we do not have it, we are required to withhold taxes on your behalf until this is corrected.
Please execute the attached W9 form and return it to the Division Order Department at PO BOX 108827, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-9915, by fax to 405-429-5976, or by email to

For producing wells in New Mexico and Oklahoma, companies are required to withhold tax from non-residents. The tax that is withheld is sent to the state on your behalf. You must file a NM and/or OK state income tax return to be eligible for a refund.

To update your address, execute the Address Change Form and return to the Division Order Department.