Volunteer to Make a Difference

Wes McAlister

Wes, Reservoir Engineer

“Each reading coach has their own special connection with the kids. Also, I enjoy watching the kids learn and grow. It’s rewarding to feel like I’m a small part of their success.”

Where you usually volunteer:
Edwards Elementary School, every Tuesday
Who introduced you to volunteering:
At an introductory meeting, I was introduced to how important volunteering was for us as individuals and as a company. The fact that it’s in conjunction with SandRidge, made the decision to participate even easier for me. I think it’s great that our company supports such a wonderful program.
A memorable experience you’ve had while volunteering:
Taking the kids shopping at Toys-R-Us for Christmas was a wonderful experience. To see the kids’ eyes light up like they did, and to see their joy, was priceless.

Trish Flores

Trish, Senior Accounting Assistant

“You cannot imagine the fulfillment you get when you see a kid’s face light up when he sees you! Without a doubt, you know that you are doing what God wants all of us to do—take care of others!”

Where you usually volunteer:
At PAL (Police Athletic League) on Tuesdays and at Edwards Elementary on Tuesdays
What inspired you to volunteer:
My inspiration came from having cancer and realizing just how short and precious life is.
Your favorite part about volunteering:
I have to say that it’s when I get hugs from the kids. It makes me know that I am doing the right thing.
A memorable experience you’ve had while volunteering:
I was a substitute at Reading Explorers and went to pick up the first of my two kids. He hid under his desk because he wanted the volunteer that he was used to, but after spending time reading with him, he hugged me and told me he had fun. He also told my next “reading buddy” what fun I was, so he opened the door with her as well.

Maurice Stallworth

Maurice, Accounting Assistant II

“You never know the impression you will make on someone’s life just by giving a small amount of your time.”

Where you usually volunteer:
The SandRidge Santa Run and White Field’s Golf Tournament.
Who introduced you to volunteering:
I was introduced to volunteering/community service at an early age through my home church in California.
Your favorite part about volunteering:
The satisfaction in knowing that no matter how small my contribution may seem, someone’s load may possibly be lightened just a little. You may not have much to give, but your time is more valuable than any gift you could share.