Opportunities for Funding

Prior to seeking financial support from SandRidge, please read the following, then continue by completing the Application for Funding Form below.

Depending on the project and the level of commitment requested, additional information may be required following a review of your application. Applicants are encouraged to submit requests 90 days in advance of their critical need date.

The following types of organizations fall outside the scope of SandRidge’s community initiatives and may not be considered for financial assistance at this time:

  • Advertising
  • School clubs, bands or sporting teams
  • Individual schools not supported by SandRidge
  • Trade group
  • Organizations focusing their efforts on a specific disease or illness
  • Sporting tournaments
  • Individuals
  • Fraternal and partisan organizations
  • An individual sectarian or religious organization
  • Umbrella organizations or united giving groups
  • Organizations/programs outside of areas where we operate
  • Organizations without a 501(c)3 designation

The steps involved in attaining financial support from SandRidge Energy will depend on the scope of the project and the level of commitment requested.

Application for Funding

  • Please attach any additional information to support your request for funding.