Welcome to OKC

Oklahoma offers hospitality, a rich history of music and arts and an upbeat twenty-first century lifestyle. Ranked third in the country for job growth and first among states in manufacturing, Oklahoma has gained back nearly 75% of the jobs lost during the recession, confirming a positive outlook on the economy. In fact, Garner Economics LLC. recently ranked Oklahoma City number one for highest annual earnings growth rate and Forbes named OKC one of the 10 Happiest Cities for Job-Seeking College Grads.

SandRidge CommonsSandRidge Commons

SandRidge Commons was designed with community in mind. At the heart of downtown, the Commons’ tree-lined walkways welcome people into grassy areas and a spacious park. Central to the Commons is the 30-story SandRidge building—“a modernist masterpiece” designed by Pietro Bellushi, a world-renowned architect whose designs can be seen from San Francisco to New York City. Careful preservation, renovation and new construction have allowed SandRidge to create a place where history meets modern form and function.

OKC Chamber of Commerce

From the historic Land Run of 1889, the discovery of oil in 1896 and the streamlined “Firefly” that traveled the tracks in the late 1930s, Oklahoma has been a boon for pioneers. As Oklahomans, we’re pleased to introduce you to those who have made our city what it is today.